On a stormy rainy night on April 2nd,
1964 in Elizabeth, in the state best
known as the Crossroads of the
American Revolution, a fierce warrior
and fighter was born.

In 2006, while America was under
attack by terrorists, criminals, and
ruled by politicians who care more
about their own political party and
major campaign contributors. An
American warrior for the people came
forth, just like other New Jersians did
in past-times of our country's great
need, to help the innocent, the wrongly
persecuted, those of different faiths,
beliefs, lifestyles, dreams, and

This American is defying the
establishment, and will not coward
down to the Christian Right Wingers,
nor to the Muslim extremist.

This Patriot has already received more
national and international media
exposure than any unknown third party
candidate in American political history,
after announcing on Friday the 13th
January, 2006 that a new deal would
take office as Governor of Minnesota
in 2007, where his Pagan Wife was
born and raised.

This American vows to instill fear into
those who brutally attacked our great
nation on 9-11, as well as criminals
who prey upon the weak, the innocent,
the elderly and children, by Impaling
them for their unlawful actions.

Unfortunately, an enemy from The
Impaler's past, along with other
Republicans decided to attack Impaler.
Hence ending the quest of becoming
governor. But like a true warrior, The
Impaler fought back and won.

To some, like
A-Access our Charlotte locksmith supporter
the Impaler is immortal. The
Impaler is not just a warrior, a
Sanguinary Satanic Vampyre, a Hecate
Witch, a lover, but is above all - a "Real

In 2008, there could be only one for
President of America.

May it be - Jonathon "The Impaler"
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